$ 3,500.00




The Scanziani Law Goup LLC will appear in the case and defend you until Final Judgment.  This could take one year, two years, three years, or longer.  Costs are additional.  If we win the foreclosure case, we can even sue the bank in order to recoup the legal fees and costs that were paid out by you.


Depending on the facts of each case, we defend the case to the best of our ability.  Most of our business is Word of Mouth.  Ask around and see what type of reputation we have for foreclosure defense.  DO NOT PAY $300 a month until the case is over to another attorney for doing no work on your behalf.  Pay a flat fee of $3,500 and have the peace of mind knowing your case is being handled by attorneys that are not trying to stall the case, but are trying to win the case.  The $3,500 over time will be cheaper than rent or your mortgage payment.  Why not save money and be protected?