$ 399.00

This is our new option of foreclosure defense for clients that cannot afford to keep an attorney on retainer or those who want to defend themselves legally as inexpensively as possible.  


For $399, the Scanziani Law Group LLC will write a custom answer for you that will be filed under your own name.  The law firm will not be representing you in the case but you will have the same defenses filed as if we were representing you.  There are no additional costs.  No ongoing legal representation but we will still be available if needed.  No obligation to use us again.  We offer the SIX MONTH Guarantee or your money back as long as you do not Consent to any judgments against you during the first six months of your case.  


This option is great for:

Homeowners doing a shortsale.

Realtors doing a short sale.

Homeowners doing a modification.

Investors wanting to make additional rental income.

Homeowners wanting to save thier home but cannot afford to hire an attorney.


For less than $400, we will guarantee you at least six months from the filing of the Lis Pendens to Final Judgment, or we will refund you your money back, no questions asked.